Groombridge 1830 (2-Frame Clip Showing Star's Proper Motion)



Groombridge 1830 (SAO 62738), a 6.4 Magnitude star in Ursa Major with an unusually high proper motion. 
The clip here consists of 2 image frames taken 2 year apart.  The clip mimics the old (and now obsolete) mechanical blink comparator, and it clearly shows the change in the star's position from April 2014 to May 2016.  Groombridge 1830 has a proper motion of 7.04" per year.  Only 2 other stars have a higher proper motion; Barnard's Star (10.29" per year) and Kapteyn's Star (8.70" per year).  North is up in the image, and the star's direction of motion is towards the lower left (PA 145.5).  The distance to Groombridge 1830 is 29 light years.
Meade 10" f/8 ACF
Losmandy G11 German Equatorial
Guide Scope:
Orion ShortTube 80 refractor
Guide Camera:
Orion StarShoot AutoGuider with PHD guiding software
Imaging Camera:
QSI 583ws
Five 15-second exposures through Astrodon RGB filters (repeated 2 years later).  Processed in MaximDl and Photoshop CS6.
Shooting Location:
Virginia Beach, VA
April 2014 (frame 1), and May 2016 (frame 2)
RA = 11h 53m, DEC = +37 43'